ecoProCAL is a heat loss calculator that allows you to save, load, edit, and print your projects securely. The program also allows you to register Elnur UK product warranties, load, and print out warranty confirmations.

You are also given support documents when your personalised ecoProCAL is created that help you through each step of your projects creations.

The ecoProCAL program offers a wide range of tools to help create, and register, your projects. The program allows you to calculate the heat loss per room, up to 12 rooms, for each property and automatically selects the heater model required.

You are also given the option to register Elnur warranties through ecoProCAL for each project.

In partnership with Elnur UK Ltd, we have created a heat loss calculator that works in tangent with their products to help ensure you pick out the perfect product for your project.

To read more about the services that come with ecoProCAL, please click the button below or visit the ‘About Us’ page.

What services we provide

At ecoProCAL, we strive to ensure your projects can be completed easily and with the upmost accuracy. We are more than happy to offer further program training via Zoom or Teams, to assist you with navigating the functions available on ecoProCAL. In addition, to help aid you in any project creations you may need assistance with, we provide the option to email, where our dedicated team can provide advice and direction in completing your project. We also offer, in partnership with Elnur UK Ltd, installer training on Elnur heating products.

"The system automatically takes into consideration the principles of thermal dynamics and applies them using DOM8. This creates an economic system in terms of type of products selected, number of appliances installed, increased user functionality and gives the best probability of the user to benefit from lower running costs. The additional feature showing the POPT (percentage of property treated) figure throughout the specification process allows the versatility of any property layout to be considered, maximising the potential to convert qualifying properties ensuring the best outcome."

- Derek Millar, Director of Prism Property Maintenance Ltd

Projects made easier with our ProCAL program

We have helped hundreds of companies completing their projects inline with the scheme that they are using. In recent months, we have added the option to change the scheme type used from ECO to LAD, HUG, or SHDF.

To find out more about the services we provide, please view the About Us section.

Why choose ecoProCAL?

ecoProCAL is not just a heatloss calculator, and is designed with eco projects in mind. As such, it gives you guidance all the way through to ensure you select the correct heater for the scheme you are currently working on. You can also save and recall your projects any time. Combine that with product warranty registration backed up by our free and readily available support team, there is nothing like this on the market now. Having a central program for all your needs is exactly what installers require now.

ecoProCAL can help a range of customers, whether you are an individual installer or massive corporation, our program can help save you time and money, and best of all it's FREE!

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about ecoProCAL, or feel that you may need extra assistance with making projects or registering warranties, please click the button below.

ecoProCAL is evolving all the time, and we are always open to suggestions on how we can improve our program. If you would like to see something implemented or have any suggestions, please email